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100 Thousand Dollars to Produce 10 Short Films Fiction and Documentaries

27 Institutions from 20 different countries investing in the first Finance Found for African Films

After the continuation of a full 2 years in the Luxor African Film Festival, 27 institutions representing Production and Distribution companies, as well as directors to Film Festivals in 20 different African, Arab and European countries, have come together on agreement of establishing the first financial fund for Short Films and Documentaries in African Cinema with capital totaling up to 100.000 dollars in the “ETISAL” Fund with the aim to produce 10 short narrative and documentary films in the year. The fund expected budget for each film would be between 4.000 to 10.000 dollars. Sool will be announced the submission criteria and regulations that govern the fund.

The aim of the project is to develop and support African Cinema and specially INdependent Cinema on the continent. Partners have signed protocols for the launch of this foundations and from among them are, Mrs. Azza El Housseiny, founder of the ETISAL Initiative and Director of the African Luxor Film Festival and the joining partners are:

1-Bluzan Film Festival. Switzerland

2-Fig Leaf Productions. Egypt

3-Fidra for Education and Media. Egypt

4-Liqaa Nabel El-Dazyl for Arab Cinema. Tunisia

5-Film House. Egypt

6-Nouakshoot INternational Short Film Festival. Mauritania

7-The International Festival. Ivory Coast

8-Batou Productions. France

9-The Environment Festival. Tunisia

10-Martil Film Festival. Morocco

11-Dream Production. Egypt

12-Khaldoun Productions. Tunisia

13-Agoralumiere International Institute. France

14-Luxor African Film Festival. Egypt

15-AfricAvenir Intenational. Namibia

16-Kijiweni Productions. Tanzania

17-Arterial Network. South Africa

18-African Royal Society. England

19-Harare Women’s FilmFestival. Mozambique

20-Palacios Films. France

21-Arab Doc Network. Spain

22-Les Films de l’Après-midi. Portugal and France

23-Wail Gzoly Film Productions

24-Najat Jellab Films. Morocco

25-Film Productions Sectors of Egyptian Television

26-New York African Film Festival

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