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From the 10th to the 13th of September the 2nd Edition of the Assilah EUROPE-ORIENT Documentary Film Festival has taken place.

10 documentary films in competition and an international event with filmmakers, producers, writers, cameramen from all over the world:

Palestine, Morocco, Algeria, Belgium, Germany, England, Spain, France, China…

The Jury Comittee Prize went to the Algerian/Ireland Film “El Gusto”

The Aljazeera Documentary Channel Prize went to the Palestinian film “Naji Al-Ali”

The Best Director to the German/Palestinian director of the film “The Turtle’s Rage”

The Script Award went to the Spanish Director Ben Lewis for his film “World Brain”


The Criticism Award went to the Chinise Film: “Petition”

During the Festival there were 2 workshops:

Scenario Workshop for the benefit of the students enrolled in the entitled documentary film at Abdelmalek Essaadi University supervised by the Journalist and the director Montasser marai, former official Production at Al Jazeera Documentary Channel and currently head of media consultancy.

“Creative Child Film” workshop supervised by director Abdel Ghaffar Assalifi for the benefit of a group of Assilah school children.

Danny Glover at he opening of 3rd Luxor African Film Festival in Egypt.
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Top African-American film star Danny Glover will attend the opening of the 3rd African Film Festival (18-24 March, 2014) to present his latest film “The Children’s Republic” that will open the festival. Also attending, among top African and international guests, Flora Gomes, the Guinea-Bissau director of the acclaimed film. Both Glover and Gomes will be given special tribute for their rich career at the opening night along with Egyptian star Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz. Glover has confirmed his attendance with his spouse to enjoy a stay in the historical city of Luxor. “The Children’s Republic” takes place in an African small spot hard to find on a map, when men are ruled by a political and economic system that they pick by random draw. Bribery and looting are common laws that exhaust people. One day, they decide to run away from their country, scared by the wars they triggered themselves, sickened by the disasters they set off but, above all, leaving their children behind. The young ones will have to take over the country and try to succeed where the adults failed by creating “The Children’s Republic”. Flora Gomes Flora Gomes who was born 1949 in Cadique, Guinea-Bissau left his country in 1972 to study cinema at the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematography under the guidance of Santiago Álvarez. Gomes then continued his studies at the Senegalese Journal for Motion Picture News under the direction of Paulin Soumanou Vieyra before co-directing two films with Sergio Pina and working as an assistant with Chris Marker and Anita Fernandez. Upon returning to a liberated Guinea-Bissau, Gomes filmed his country’s independence ceremony on 24 September 1974. Having first directed historical documentaries, Gomes filmed his first narrative film Mortu Nega (1990) that was particularly well received in France, which in later years enabled him to attract funding for the production of his following films like include My Voice (2002) and As Duas Faces da Guerra co-directed with Diana Andringa (2007). Gomes was distinguished in France with the title of Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres in the year 2000. Luxor African Film Festival was founded by Independent Shabab Foundation with the support of the Egyptian Ministries of Culture, Tourism, Foreign Affairs, Youth and Investment in addition to the Egyptian Film Syndicate, the Luxor Governorate and the National Bank of Egypt.
Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival 10th Edition will take place from 17th to 20th April 2014
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Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival’s Target:

We seek to become a place where filmmakers from different countries and cultures meet to create a unique platform that celebrates creative talent and encourages a cultural interest in documentary films.

Aljazeera Festival was formally inaugurated on April 18th, 2005 by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Aljazeera Network” Sheikh Hamad Bin Thamir Al-Thani.

In its first year, the work of 14 Arab countries was included under the theme “Social Programs and News”. Gold, silver and bronze awards were presented to winners from each category. To encourage student filmmakers, a new category called “New Horizon” was launched which has now become a festival trademark. This trend-setting category has proved to be highly successful and has now become a unique creative platform. From the 2nd edition of the festival, countries from all over the world have been enthusiastically participating. The word “International” was added to the title of the festival.

From the 3rd edition onwards, the festival is titled as “Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival.” Films were categorized as short, medium and long. Separate categories “New Horizon Competition” and “Jury Award Category” were included as well.

Starting from the 4th edition, special awards are given by sponsors to promote important public issues such as family and children issue, the Palestinian cause, Freedom and Human Rights issue.

Since the 6th edition, which witnessed an increase in the number of participating films, the festival organizes public broadcasts of films in open places to encourage more people to watch documentary films in addition to the films already being screened at the festival venue i.e. The Sheraton Hotel, Doha.

The 7th edition paid tribute to all those who believe in “Dialogue” and took into account the recent upheavals taking place in the Arab nations.

The festival thus continues its purpose of “Unity in Diversity”; discussing the challenges the world faces and ways to overcome them through various discussions and symposiums. It constantly endeavors to promote creative talent from all over the world and in this way, leave behind a unique stamp of originality and professionalism.

Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program Creative International Partnerships
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The Documentary Film Program and Fund has spearheaded innovative international partnerships, presentations, and convenings to provide funding and support for emerging independent documentary practices globally. Activities include workshops, presentations, mentoring, funding, and building regional partnerships. DFP has had a special focus on the Middle East and China since 2009. Other regional cultivation and artist support extends through gatherings in Iran, Dubai, Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Syria, Eastern Europe, the UK, South Africa, South and Central America, Taiwan, and India. Future target regions include Indonesia and sub-Saharan Africa. Current creative partnerships include:

  • Stories of Change partnership with the Skoll Foundation
  • Good Pitch with Britdoc Foundation
  • Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, Middle East
  • Greenhouse Documentary Development Program, Mediterranean Region